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Six versions of the TDC have been made.  The final version, revd, is documented in these pages.  The other versions are listed in the table below.  Documents relevant to these prototype boards are available here.

Version Description Schematics Artwork
TDC 16 A First 16 channel prototype.  No longer in use TDC16A Schematics TDC16A Artwork
TDC 16 B Second 16 channel prototype used to make DSP work.  No longer in use. TDC16B Schematics TDC16B Artwork
TDC 96 A First 96 channel board.  Was designed, but never built. TDC96A Schematics TDC96A Artwork
TDC 96 B First 96 channel board that was built.  10 boards were built, used primarily in teststands. TDC96B Schematics TDC96B Artwork
TDC 96 C Pre-Production run.  All modifications needed to make this identical to the final version were made.  25 boards were made. TDC96C Schematics TDC96C Artwork
TDC 96 D   TDC96D Schematics TDC96D Artwork