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Welcome to the High Energy Physics home page on the World Wide Web. We are part of the Physics Department at the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, MI.

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Our Mission

To understand the fundamental elements that create and make up our universe as it exists today, through education and research.

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High Energy Physics Faculty

Fred Adams Professor Wolfgang Lorenzon Associate Professor
Carl Akerlof Professor Timothy McKay Associate Professor
Dan Amidei Professor Homer Neal Professor
Myron Campbell Professor Jianming Qian Associate Professor
J. Wehrley Chapman Professor Keith Riles Professor
Alex Chao Adjunct Professor Byron Roe Professor
Ernest Courant Adjunct Professor Daniel Sinclair Professor Emeritus
Yaroslav Derbenev Adjunct Professor Dennis Sivers Adjunct Professor
August Evrard Professor Gregory Tarle Professor
David Gerdes Associate Professor Rudolf P. Thun Professor
Lawrence Jones Professor Emeritus John C. (Jack) van der Velde Professor Emeritus
Alan Krisch Professor   Victor Wong Adjunct Professor
Michael Longo Professor Bing Zhou Associate Professor

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Research Scientists

Tiesheng Dai Sr. Engineering Associate Shawn McKee Assistant Research Scientist
Edward Diehl Assistant Research Scientist Richard Raymond Assistant Research Scientist
Steven Goldfarb Assistant Research Scientist Michael Schubnell Assistant Research Scientist
H. Richard Gustafson Research Scientist Monica Tecchio Assistant Research Scientist
Daniel Levin Assistant Research Scientist Andrew Tomasch Assistant Research Scientist
Ali Lin Associate Research Scientist Emeritus Zhengguo Zhao Associate Research Scientist
Vladimir Luppov Visiting Scholar

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Research Fellows

Andrew Alton Alexander Borissov Jun Cao Claudio Ferretti Yi Jiang
J. Stephen Miller Hyang-kyu Park Durga Rajaram Thomas Wright Haijun Yang


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Research Technicians and Engineers

Jon Ameel Helmut Schick Curtis Weaverdyck  

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Current Research Experiments

ROTSE - Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment

UofM  Members:  Carl Akerlof, Timothy McKay, Eli Rykoff, Heather Swan, Don Smith

ROTSE is an experimental program to search for astrophysical optical transients on time scales of a fraction of a second to a few hours.  This is an area of astronomical science that has been relatively unexplored until now.

ATLAS_Detector.gif (56159 bytes) ATLAS

UofM Members:  Myron Campbell, J. Wehrley Chapman, Edward Diehl, Steven Goldfarb, Daniel Levin, Wolfgang Lorenzon, Shawn McKee, Homer Neal, Helmut Schick, Gregory Tarle, Jianming Qian, Curtis Weaverdyck, John Yanchula, Zhengguo Zhao, Bing Zhou

ATLAS will study proton-proton interactions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN).

CDF - Collider Detector Facility

UM Members:  Dan Amidei, Ken Bloom, Myron Campbell, J. Wehrley Chapman, Claudio Ferretti, David Gerdes, J. Stephen Miller, Monica Tecchio, Thomas Wright

This group are studying the physics of collisions between protons and anti-protons at high energy, 1800 GeV.


UofM Members:   Andrew Alton, Yi Jiang, Homer Neal, Jianming Qian, Bing Zhou

The group is pursuing high pT physics at the Tevatron Collider at Fermilab.

ligo_aerial.jpg (94591 bytes) LIGO - The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

UofM Members:  H. Richard Gustafson, Keith Riles

A pioneering effort to design and construct a novel scientific facility - a gravitational-wave observatory - that will open a new observational window on the universe.


UofM Members:  Keith Riles, Byron Roe, Haijun Yang

L3 has built a huge detector which detects particles produced in the collision of electrons and positrons circulating in the LEP ring.

scope_dusk_web1.jpg (8272 bytes) SDSS - Sloan Digital Sky Survey

UofM Members:  Timothy McKay

The SDSS is now obtaining a five color digital image of one quarter of the entire night sky.  This will include images of more than 100 million galaxies, and comparable numbers of stars.  In addition, the SDSS will measure detailed spectra for a million galaxies and 100,000 quasars.  This combination will provide by far the most detailed portrait of the Universe today.

The Michigan SDSS group uses these data to study the relationship between luminous and dark matter in the Universe.  By detecting the subtle distortions of distant galaxies caused by gravitational lensing, we determine the total amount of dark matter present in galaxies, groups, and clusters.  By relating the masses we measure to the luminous properties of these objects, such as their total luminosities, we derive scaling relations which provide important insights into the formation of structure in the Universe.

MIPP - Main Injector Particle Production

UofM Members:  Michael Longo, H. Richard Gustafson, HyangKyu Park, Durga Rajaram


SNAP - SuperNova Acceleration Probe

UofM Members:  Gregory Tarle, Tim McKay, Shawn McKee, Michael Schubnell, Andrew Tomasch



UofM Members:  Alex Chao, Ernest Courant, Yaroslav Derbenev, Alan Krisch, Ali Lin, Wolfgang Lorenzon, Vladimir Luppov, Richard Raymond, Dennis Sivers, Victor Wong

Development of Polarized proton targets and jets at Michigan's Spin Physics Center. SPIN@COSY -  Spin flipping polarized deuterons and protons at COSY Accelerator at Forschungszentrum in Juelich, Germany; SPIN@J-PARC - Analyzing power An in 50 GeV very-high P^2 p-p elastic scattering.


miniboone.jpg (53344 bytes) MINI-BOONE - Booster Neutrino Oscillation Experiment at Fermilab

UofM Members:  Byron Roe and Jun Cao

This will make a definitive check of the LSND putative numu-nue oscillation signal, and, if real, make a precision measurement of the oscillation parameters.

HyperCP.jpg (33225 bytes) HYPERCP - CP Violations in Hyperon Decays

UofM Members:  Michael Longo, H. Richard Gustafson and Hyang-kyu Park

  CKM - Charge Kaons at the Main Injector

UofM Members:  Myron Campbell, Michael Longo


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